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I am Eszter-Maura, Oriental dancer and writer based in Brussels, Belgium.

I offer quality belly dance performances, classes and workshops; I publish my prose and poetry — in Hungarian, Spanish Italian and English — on this site, occasionally also performing at poetry readings and poetic-theatrical productions.

A student of dance and music since I was 6 years old, I started Oriental dance in 2000 – and fell in love with its emotional and musical richness. As a dancer, I value creativity and expression, musicality and cultural understanding above all, and use these as my teaching guidelines as well.
Along the years, I studied regularly with Amira, Mercedes Nieto, Salima, Lesya Starr and Salwa, with whom I continue to take classes. I have also attended, and continue to attend, workshops held by various internationally acclaimed Oriental dance instructors both from Egypt and from other parts of the world.
Key achievements and performances (to date):

  • Une nuit pour la vie – Live concert and Oriental dance show with Orchestra Nagham Zikrayat, Salwa & Hakim (2016)
  • BellyQueenz Contest, Luxembourg – 2nd place in Classical category, 2nd place in Folklore category & 3rd place in Fusion category (2015)
  • Dancer/soloist of the band Pasticcio Meticcio – regular concerts (Genoa, IT – 2010)
  • Regular performances as a member of Amira Art Company (2005-2008)

I have practiced other dance styles as well, and have intermediate / advanced level of salsa, other Latin-American dances and Afro-Colombian dances, and beginner / intermediate level of West-African-dances, Hungarian folk, Western-European folk, South-Italian dances, contact improvisation and flamenco.

My musical studies include a course on the theory of Oriental music with Elias Bachoura (Muziekpublique), 15 years of classical piano, as well as several years of singing in a chamber choir.

As a writer, my texts have been featured in:

  • How We Make Love: When Poetry and Theater Meet – a night of synthesis: poetry theatrerized // theatre poeticised, organised by Leuven Writers Collective (2016)
  • Lit Up – a night of poetry, prose and art, organised by Leuven Writers Collective and Proper Writes Leuven (2015)
  • Daemon Tales Anthology, published by Proper Writes Leuven (2015)
  • X. edition of the Castello di Duino Competition, where my work won the Targa del Centro UNESCO and was published in the book Io / Tu (You / Me, Ibiskos Editrice Risolo, 2014.)
  • Rendhagyó Irodalmi Magazin – online poetry magazine (2012)

My work was also featured in Armando Cristofori's 101 Artistic Toastmasters, available on Amazon.

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